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There is often a lot of confusion about when to complete a review of a patient’s Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), how many individual psychology sessions a patient is entitled to at different stages of the plan. The responses to the questions below aim to clarify any questions you have about patient MHCPs, and are based on multiple detailed conversations we have had with Medicare staff in regard to these matters, and information from the Australian Psychological Society.

How long is a patient’s MHCP valid?

Patient MHCP referrals are valid for 1 year from the date

of the referral.

How many sessions of individual therapy is a patient eligible for

under their MHCP?

  • Patients are eligible for up to 10 sessions per calendar year

  • Patients are eligible for 6 sessions under the initial plan.

  • Patients are subsequently eligible for a further 4 sessions if they


Require additional treatment within the calendar year.

You can request for patients to have access to these sessions by either:

 Reviewing the patient’s MHCP (if clinically appropriate/necessary); or

Writing a letter to the treating psychologist requesting that the patient continue to be seen for the balance of their remaining sessions for the calendar year.

Is a patient with an existing MHCP eligible for another set of 10 sessions in the new calendar year, or only after their MHCP has expired?

Please note that from the beginning of a new calendar year, the balance of a patient’s MHCP sessions resets to 10. A patient with a valid MHCP will be able to continue their treatment without requiring a new plan.

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